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v 1.9.44


Visualization Panel configuration. Pass it as the third argument to the VisualizationPanel constructor:

const vizPanel = new SurveyAnalytics.VisualizationPanel(surveyQuestions, surveyResults, vizPanelOptions);
allowChangeAnswersOrder property
allowDynamicLayout property
allowHideEmptyAnswers property
allowHideQuestions property
allowSelection property
allowShowMissingAnswers property
allowShowPercentages property
allowTopNAnswers property
allowTransposeData property
answersOrder property
dataProvider property
defaultChartType property
haveCommercialLicense property
hideEmptyAnswers property
labelTruncateLength property
layoutEngine property
percentagePrecision property
showOnlyPercentages property
showPercentages property
stripHtmlFromTitles property
survey property

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