SurveyJS Library

Web Site:
License: MIT
Sources: Go to Github
JavaScript Survey library. Survey can be created from the scratch programmatically or defined in JSON object. The data/survey results can be get/set as JSON object.

There are a lot flexibility by controlling UI design via css classes or changing survey questions rendering and behaviour or even adding new question types.

There are a lot of popular JavaScript platforms are suported: jQuery, knockout, Angular2, react. The library fully supports bootstrap.

The surveyJS library web site contains tons of examples.

SurveyJS Editor

License: Commercial
Sources: Go to Github
Visual Survey Editor. It can create or edit the JSON object, that can be used later as survey definition for SurveyJS library.

The editor can be freely used at survey.js/builder/

You will need a commercial license, if you want to integrate the SurveyJS Editor into your website(s). To allow your customers creating the survey themself and store/load the survey definition into/from your storage.

SurveyJS Service

Web Site:
SurveyJS service allows you to store your survey results, in case you do not want to store the results in your own storage. It will require to set just one attribute to store the survey resutls in the SurveyJS service.

The results can be downloaded manually or via web API. Service provides some basic analytics via website and via web API.

You may optionally create/edit/delete surveys. SurveyJS may load the survey definition from by setting one attribute.

You may optionally run survey on the SurveyJS service website.

At the current moment the service is free of charge. It may change in the future.