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v 1.9.50


VisualizationPanel is responsible for visualizing an array of survey questions

constructor parameters:
questions - an array of survey questions to visualize,
data - an array of answers in format of survey result,
options - object of the IVisualizationPanelOptions type, @see IVisualizationPanelOptions
elements - list of visual element descriptions

Inherited from the following class(es):

allowDynamicLayout property
allowHideQuestions property
allowMakeQuestionsPrivate property
clear method
data property
dataName property
dataProvider property
destroy method
destroyContent method
destroyFooter method
destroyToolbar method
footerVisualizer property
getData method
getElement method
getElements method
getLabels method
getSeriesLabels method
getSeriesValues method
getValues method
getVisualizer method
hasFooter property
hiddenElements property
layout method
layoutEngine property
locale property
name property
onAfterRender event
onDataChanged method
onPermissionsChangedCallback property
onStateChanged event
onVisibleElementsChanged event
permissions property
privateElements property
publicElements property
refresh method
registerToolbarItem method
render method
renderContent method
renderFooter method
renderPanelElement method
renderToolbar method
setFilter method
state property
supportSelection property
updateData method
visibleElements property