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Create a Quiz

You may use SurveyJS to create not only surveys and complex forms, but also quizzes. In this article, we will show it show to make a quiz, by setting just some properties.

Step 1

Setup the start page

Unlike a survey or form, a quiz should have a start page, with a text on it, optionally some inputs, like name/e-mails, and a start button.

To create the start page, just set the survey firstPageIsStarted property to true.

survey.firstPageIsStarted = true;

Now, on running the survey, the first page shows as a page with a "start" button. After a user click on the "start" button, he will not be able to comeback by pressing the "previous" button. The reason is simple, the "start" page is not the first page. A user will see the first page after clicking on the "start" button.

To change the "start" button text, use survey startSurveyText property.

survey.startSurveyText = "Click to start my Quiz";

Talking about the "previous" button. You may want to make it invisible in your survey, so your user will not be able to comeback on the previous page(s). In this case set showPrevButton property to false.

survey.showPrevButton = false;

You will definitely need to explain what this quiz about, and for this purpose. We are suggesting to use our Html question. You may display any html, including video and audio. You may ask your users to enter their names or/and e-mails.

You start page JSON may look like:

    elements: [
            type: "html",
            html: "You are about to start my quiz. 
You will have to finish it in a short time. Please be ready to answer 10 questions in 2 minutes after clicking the start button." }, { type: "text", name: "userName", title: "Please enter your name:" } ] }

Step 2

Show the results after finishing the quiz

You may want to show the results immediately. In this case you have to compare the correct answers and your user answers. Every question in SurveyJS has a property correctedAnswers. If you use it for all questions, then you will be use a computed SurveyJS variables correctedAnswers and inCorrectedAnswers. On every request, it compares answers (question values) with the correctedAnswers property.

For example, your survey htmlCompleted property, the html showing on finishing the quiz, may look like:

completedHtml: "

You have answered correctly {correctedAnswers} questions from {questionCount}.


The questionCount returns the number of visible questions in your quiz.

Of course, by using onComplete event, you may change completedHtml dynamically and show the given answers and correct answers, for example.

Step 3

Setup a time limit

You may set the maximum time a user may spend on your quiz in total or on every page Set survey maxTimeToFinish property to 60 (seconds), for example, to allow your users spending maximum one minute on your quiz. The default value is 0 and it means that there is no time limit.
You may set the survey maxTimeToFinishPage property, for example to 30, to limit your users on answering every page in 30 seconds in maximum.
Finally, every page has its own maxTimeToFinish property, that allows you to set the different time limit for a particular page.

The timer is start when a user press the "start" button on the starting page. You may handle it manually by calling startTimer and stopTimer functions


There are additionally two important properties that you may find useful: showTimerPanel and showTimerPanelMode.

You have to set survey showTimerPanel to "top" or "bottom" to show the timer panel.

survey.showTimerPanel = "top";

To show information about time left for quiz in total, set showTimerPanelMode to "survey", and to show time left for the current page to "page".
The default value is "all", and a user may see information about left time in total and for the current page.

Step 4

Integrate a quiz into your web application

Integrate a quiz into your web application

SurveyJS quiz is a typical survey

SurveyJS quiz does not differs from any other survey. You may integrate it or use it on our service in the same way you would do for any other survey.
Please go to our Getting Started Page for more information.

To see our quiz in action, please go to this example.

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