Survey Library
Open Survey Library

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Build surveys, incorporate them into your website, and obtain response data – all with a free JavaScript library.

Start by setting up your questions in JavaScript or JSON and never limit yourself to just the predefined question types every survey engine provides. If you have a custom JavaScript widget you want to use as a question within the survey, go right ahead.

Integrate the survey directly into YOUR webpage – using jQuery, Knockout, Angular, React, or plain old JavaScript.

With full support for CSS customization and Bootstrap, you can easily reuse your website’s styles to guarantee a consistent UI. And when the responses start pouring in, get the data in JSON and store or analyze it as you see fit.

Survey Builder
Open Survey Builder

GitHub Repository

Survey Builder allows you to setup and customize your questions in a simple UI you’ve come to expect from any commercial survey engine. The output is the definition file you can feed to Survey Library, so you don’t have to manually define the questions in JSON or JavaScript.

The survey builder is free for evaluation and non-commercial use. Simply create an account and starting building your questions at

With a commercial license, you can embed Survey Builder directly into your own web app. Extend or simplify the survey builder, apply your corporate styles, and program integration as required – so that new surveys can freely appear, evolve and stop on your website, all without application re-deployment.

Survey Service
Open Survey Service

Survey Service puts all the pieces together for you. It stores your survey collection, gives you access to the survey builder, it even lets you run your surveys without integrating them to your site, and, finally, stores the responses and gives you basic analytics.

If you are a developer, you can bypass the Survey Service UI and manage surveys, responses and analytics directly from your app using the provided Web API.

We are now offering free access to Survey Service for everyone, but we may introduce a commercial license in the future.