SurveyJS Library

SurveyJS Library is distributed under the MIT License. It’s free for use in commercial products, and can be integrated “as is” or modified. Consult the license agreement for additional details, including attribution and disclaimers.

SurveyJS Editor (Builder)

You can use SurveyJS Editor (Builder) hosted on our website for free, governed by our website’s Terms of Use. If you are embedding SurveyJS Editor (Builder) into your application, i.e. using it as a software library, we provide a free Creative Commons license for non-commercial usage and a paid license for commercial applications. See licensing details below.

Commercial License

Licensing per developer. Review the full agreement

Does not charge any royalties for redistribution of our libraries that have been integrated into applications which you engineer.

Allows our libraries to be used in SaaS projects, web applications, intranets, and websites

Includes full source code and technical support

Allows code modification

Allows license transfer (with a written permission from Devsoft Baltic OÜ)

Includes software updates during the 12-month period since origional purchase

Allows continued use of the last received version for unlimited period of time

Offers optional renewal for EUR 199 to continue receiving updates and technical support for another 12-month period

EUR 499
Non-Commercial License

You can embed SurveyJS Editor (Builder) into a non-commercial product for free. By doing so, you agree to be bound by the terms of the Creative Commons (CC) Attribution-NonCommercial licence.

Important Notes:

  • Under the terms of both licenses, you are prohibited from reselling the library "as is", with code modifications, or as a package with other libraries, to software development companies/departments or individual software developers. In other words, you cannot use SurveyJS Editor (Builder) code to create a competing produc, a solution for software developers.
  • You don’t need to purchase a separate license for test and build machines/services.
  • You don’t need to purchase a separate license for your co-workers, who do not modify or use SurveyJS Editor (Builder) in their code. They can install the SurveyJS Editor (Builder) to compile and run your software to be able to work on other modules and parts.
  • Refer to the complete License Agreement for details.