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Toolbox Customization

The Toolbox contains available question and panel types. Users can click questions and panels or drag and drop them onto the design surface to add them to the survey. This help topic describes how you can customize the Toolbox.

Survey Creator - Toolbox in full mode

Full and Compact Modes

The Toolbox supports full mode (illustrated above) and compact mode. In compact mode, element names are hidden. To see an individual element name, a user should move the mouse pointer over the element icon.

Survey Creator - Toolbox in compact mode

The Toolbox switches between the modes automatically based on available width. Specify the forceCompact property if you want the Toolbox to always use a specific mode:

// Compact mode
creator.toolbox.forceCompact = true;
// Full mode
creator.toolbox.forceCompact = false;

You can also use the isCompact property to find out whether the Toolbox is currently in compact mode:


Limit Available Question and Panel Types

All available question and panel types are listed in the getType() method description. If you need to show only a part of these types, specify them in the Survey Creator's questionTypes array:

const creatorOptions = {
    questionTypes: ["text", "checkbox", "radiogroup", "dropdown"]

const creator = new SurveyCreator.SurveyCreator(creatorOptions);

// In modular applications
import { SurveyCreator } from "survey-creator-knockout";
// or
import { SurveyCreator } from "survey-creator-react";
const creator = new SurveyCreator(creatorOptions);

View Toolbox Customization example

Group Toolbox Items by Categories

NOTE: The compact Toolbox does not display categories.

To group Toolbox items, call the changeCategories() method. It accepts an array of objects with the following fields:

  • name
    The name of the item that should be grouped. Refer to the getType() method description for a list of accepted values.

  • category
    A category for this item.

The following code places the Panel and Panel Dynamic types into the Panels category and the Matrix, Matrix Dropdown, and Matrix Dynamic types into the Matrixes category:

    { name: "panel", category: "Panels" }, 
    { name: "paneldynamic", category: "Panels" }, 
    { name: "matrix", category: "Matrixes" },
    { name: "matrixdropdown", category: "Matrixes" },
    { name: "matrixdynamic", category: "Matrixes" }

View Toolbox Categories example

Ungrouped items fall into the General category. You can use localization capabilities to change its caption. If your application does not employ modules, use the following code:

<script src=""></script>
const translations = SurveyCreator.localization.getLocale("");
translations.ed.toolboxGeneralCategory = "Common";

In modular applications, use the code below:

import "survey-creator-core/survey-creator-core.i18n";
import { localization } from "survey-creator-core";
const translations = localization.getLocale("");
translations.ed.toolboxGeneralCategory = "Common";

The following properties control the behavior of categories:

creator.toolbox.allowExpandMultipleCategories = true;
creator.toolbox.keepAllCategoriesExpanded = false;

Customize Predefined Toolbox Items

To customize a predefined Toolbox item, pass its type as an argument to the getItemByName(itemName) method. This method returns the item's configuration object. Change the properties of this object to customize the Toolbox item. For example, the following code uses the json property to override predefined choices for a Dropdown question:

  .choices = [
    { text: "Option 1", value: 1 },
    { text: "Option 2", value: 2 },
    { text: "Option 3", value: 3 }

View Toolbox Customization example

Add a Custom Toolbox Item

If you want to extend the predefined Toolbox item collection, call the addItem(itemConfiguration, [index]) method to add a custom item. This method accepts the following arguments:

  • itemConfiguration
    A Toolbox item configuration object. The name, iconName, and json properties are required. When you configure an object for the json property, refer to the API help section of your question type for a list of available properties. For example, if you configure a Dropdown question, refer to the Dropdown API help section.

  • index
    The target index of the item. Use 0 to add the item at the first position, 1 to add it at the second position, and so on. Do not specify index if you want to display the item at the end.

The following code adds a custom item that allows users to select a country from a drop-down menu. Since the index argument is 0, the Toolbox displays the item at the beginning.

  name: "countries",
  iconName: "icon-dropdown",
  title: "Countries",
  json: {
    type: "dropdown",
    placeholder: "Select a country...",
    choicesByUrl: {
        url: ""
}, 0);

View Toolbox Customization example

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